Margaret Glaspy Puts on a Soulful Performance at Lincoln Hall

“Chicago, you guys know good music when you see it. Not to toot my own horn,” singer-songwriter Margaret Glaspy said, addressing the hushed and attentive crowd at Lincoln Hall. Glaspy has played many times in Chicago, following the success of her viral tune “Emotions and Math,” which shares a name with her debut album. Played only second in the 90 minute set, the breakout single features Glaspy’s soulful pop vocals, a groovy bass line, a clever chorus, and a bop-your-head-along melody. At the core of Glaspy’s debut album, a common thread of confessional lyrics streams out in her emotive vocal style. Live, the punches behind Glaspy’s vocals are only amplified, like the growl behind certain phrases in “Pins and Needles,” a powerful track that immediately hooked the crowd at the start of the set.

Following up full blown performances of songs like “Parental Guidance” and “Love Like This,” with her bandmates, Glaspy took the reins completely to herself. The Lincoln Park concert venue remained the quietest I’ve ever seen it as the sound of Glaspy’s voice rang out only with her one guitar, on a stage void of everything except her and some lights. During this three-song solo session, Glaspy told the crowd she had been on a “cover rampage” lately while she’s in the thick of writing and recording her next record. The crowd took a trip down memory lane with Glaspy as she revealed that making a record has evoked a refreshed sense of appreciation for the songs that inspired her growing up. While she got nostalgic, Glaspy also revealed to the crowd that she played the fiddle growing up, even entering fiddle competitions. These stories all prefaced a cover of Lauryn Hill’s song “Ex-Factor.” While Glaspy performed a beautiful rendition of Ms. Hill’s hit, it became clear where that’s Glaspy’s soulful and bluesy side has been influenced by growing up listening to the record The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.


After that peaceful solo performance, the band rejoined Glaspy for some higher energy songs, including a new song that remains unnamed, but stood out with jolting lyrics. As the set began to wind down, Glaspy and her bandmates ended the set with a bang during “You and I,” the only song from the Emotions and Math album with an explicit warning. The biting chorus and wailing guitars of the song had the crowd cheering the loudest they had all night, inviting Glaspy to extend her set. After that escalated moment, the mood cooled back down while Glaspy performed a couple more songs on her own, bringing back the hushed atmosphere of a stunned crowd. After she sang her last note, the crowd erupted in appreciative applause.
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