Indie rock group Atlas Genius performed a soft yet powerful acoustic version of their song “Through The Glass” live on the JBTV Stage. Formed in Adelaide, Australia in 2009 by brothers Keith, Michael, and Steven Jeffrey, Atlas Genius is now well-known for their summery, refreshing indie rock. They gained popularity from their single, “Trojans,” which was released in 2011 and reached the 4th spot on the Billboard alternative chart. They released their debut album, When It Was Now, in 2013 and recently released their second studio album, Inanimate Objects, in 2015.

“Through The Glass” is features on their 2013 debut album, When It Was Now.

Check out the lyrics below:

I thought you’d see me through the glass,
But you only caught your reflection.
I hoped you’d hear me through the noise,
Of the street poles and fire

But no, no, no,
You didn’t notice.

I tried to care for a while,
But I don’t feel the connection.
I’d settle for a broken heart,
Just a scar caused by infection

But no, no, no,
I didn’t notice,
What you wanted
All gets lost in the fire
That warms who we are, get lost

And we’re dressed up like humans,
Like we know who we are.
This map won’t get you home,
If you don’t know where you are.
This plastic house won’t break with stones.
This road won’t get you home,
From where you are.

You look like someone from afar,
When I knew the direction.
I’d settle for a broken heart,
Just a scar caused by infection.

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