Biffy Clyro came through the JBTV studio on 10/06/2013 and played a stripped down acoustic set including “Little Soldiers,” a B side from their 2009 album Only Revolutions. Biffy Clyro formed in Kilmarnrock, Scotland in 1995 with members Simon Neil on guitar and lead vocals, James Johnston on bass, and Ben Johnston on drums.  The band has put out six studio albums and are very well known in the U.K. with multiple albums reaching the number 2 and 3 spots on the U.K. charts, citing influences ranging from Kurt Cobain of Nirvana to heavy metal Metallica and prog rock Rush. Biffy Clyro additionally received the honor for “Best British Band” at the 2013 NME Awards and headlined the main stage at Leeds and Reading festival the same year.
I always say I’m sorry, I always say that you were right
I want to make you happy, I only want to make you proud
In the summer time, where we sit
I’ll be watching you, get over it
And back at home we cry alone
And think, about each other
We still don’t know the damage, we recognize that somethings wrong
I know I’ll always love you, why can’t we set fire to everyone
In the winter time, where we lay
You’ll be watching me, get over it
And in our home, bone to bone
We sit, and we cry together
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