JBTV welcomed electronic music project, Big Data, to perform their song, “Big Dater” for a live audience. Big Data is the creation of producer Alan Wilkis and began to gain popularity from the success of their song “Dangerous,” which reached the number one spot on the Billboard top alternative chart. In 2015, after releasing EPs titled 1.0, 1.5, and 1.6, Big Data released their debut album, 2.0, which featured collaborations with artists such as Kimbra, Joywave, and Rivers Cuomo.

Follow along with the lyrics below:

When we’re talking and nobody’s there
We’re safely in the dark alone
A conversation that nobody hears
Is transferring from home to home
By the time we figure it out, it’s already set in stone
And if everything I feel down inside my chest
Completely fills me up like a
real, real, real…

it’s not that typical
We’re connecting,
but it’s something digital

I’ll share a story I want you to know
It’s better than the real thing
I took my time in touching myself
To enhance my personality
There’s no need to dig any further
I’ve laid it all out, it’s clear
And everything you feel down inside your chest
Completely fills you up like a
real, real, real…

I just need this so much
I thought I was in love
With you, and me
I thought this was my destiny
And then the trail went cold
I looked everywhere
But were you ever really there
I thought that ever real, real, real

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