The four-piece roughneck pop-punk BRONCHO performed “It’s On” off of their 2014 album Just Enough Hip To Be Woman at JBTV Studios on 3/12/2015. BRONCHO was formed in Norman, Oklahoma in 2010 with the official current line up consisting of Ryan Lindsey on guitar and vocals, Ben King on guitar, and Nathan Price on drums. Signed to Dine Alone Records for their latest album release, their sound retains a fuzzy, guitar driven pop punk tone yet moves into a sleeker new wave direction. Taking inspiration from early punk acts like The Ramones and The Stooges along with garage rock grit, Lindsey’s voice meshes with the youthfully aggressive guitars to craft  an effortless sounding rock tone that will get stuck in your head.

Check out the lyrics to “It’s On” below!

If you show up in my room with no clothes on, it’s on
If you try to bust me out with your bail bonds on, it’s on
We could go to L.A., we could drink manhattans,
We could go to Chez Jays, we could get old fashion
It’s on

If you try to cuddle up you get kicked out of class
And if you cuddle again you cut out last
Larry get a show at a touch and tell
When he’s bringing you down, he’ll bring you to hell
It’s on

Larry get a show at a touch and tell

Billy told Mary told Tommy told sue it’s on
Larry told Barry told me told you it’s on
I can only imagine we’d all be fine
When you’re dressed, when you’re dressed to the nines
It’s on

If you try to bail me out, it’s on

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