Chase Atlantic Talks Song Meanings and Avoiding Drunk Driving

Chase Atlantic joined JBTV’s Breakfast Club with a Monday morning session at the JBTV studio. After a performance that was well worth waking up early for, the members of Chase Atlantic talked with Jerry about their creative process and some of the stories behind the rising Australian group’s music.

Having already accomplished multiple tours, Chase Atlantic finally checked off another milestone by making their American television recording debut at JBTV. While the group is exploding in popularity, they made it clear that they are still passionate about every aspect of what goes into their work. From writing about the major life events that inspire the music itself to wrking on their own music video production, the members of Chase Atlantic make sure that their music stays their own, every step of the way.

While visiting JBTV, Chase Atlantic shared some of their thoughts on the real life stories that inspired the songs they performed on the JBTV stage. Friends, one of Chase Atlantic’s biggest hits, “was written awhile ago, but has really stuck around and been timeless for us. And the crowds always love it” shared the band. “Into It is about going through a change in lifestyle and adapting to the changing environment around you,” a concept Chase Atlantic has grown familiar with after trips between Australia, Los Angeles, and elsewhere on tour. “Okay is a little crazier, more upbeat, and really fun to end a set with.” And the song Angeline? The song was in fact written about a real girl, although they changed her name for the song.

Switching to a more serious topic, Chase Atlantic had some words of advice on drinking and driving- don’t even think about it. Chase Atlantic’s recommendation for the easiest way to avoid getting yourself into a dangerous situation? “Do it my way, just don’t get your license so that everyone else always has to drive you around. Then you never have to worry!”

This group has come a long way from their humble beginnings. Members Mitchell Cave, Christian Anthony, and Clinton Cave revealed that music has always been a life-long passion for them. As kids, they were making music in a bedroom- “the way some people obsess over video games, that’s how we were with making music.” Today they continue to make music for their quickly growing fanbase around the world.

After JBTV, Chase Atlantic still has plenty of shows lined up. Their schedule is booked through the end of July with near daily shows in several different countries around the world. For information on their tour schedule, check their website.

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