Did Beth Ditto Write A Jingle For In-N-Out?

She did not, but her hit song In And Out could have been about the burger place! While talking with Jerry in the JBTV studio Monday, Beth Ditto joked that her song In And Out from her latest album is “actually about the west coast hamburger chain… I do think it would be amazing if they would buy it because I have a whole thing ready for them.” She continued to reveal that she already had alternate lyrics prepared that could be swapped in if In-N-Out ever wants an official Beth Ditto-created jingle.

We were lucky enough to catch Beth Ditto in the middle of her worldwide tour, following the release of her latest album Fake Sugar in 2017. Beth has many notable achievements, including being named the “Coolest Person In Rock” in 2006 by NME, back when she was the lead singer of the group the Gossip. Now producing solo work, Beth Ditto’s music is catchy mix of punk and pop with melodies you’ll find yourself humming all day. On the JBTV stage, Beth Ditto performed a mix of some of her biggest hits so far, including Fire, We Could Run, and Fake Sugar.

While in the studio with Jerry, Beth Ditto revealed some insight into her personal background about how her life experiences shaped her music career. She started getting into music early as a young child. “I would sing with my mom, I would sing at church, I would sing at school” Beth recalls. Despite getting such an early start, she has never had any formal training- “my mom is the only person that ever taught me how to sing.”

Beth also spent some time reminiscing on her early days of being in a band; specifically, the most exhausting parts of touring. “You would almost be back home, then you’d miss your layover because of a snowstorm, and you’d have to stay the night in the airport just when you thought the tour couldn’t get any longer. And those were times before cell phones and internet!” While thinking back to those early days of touring, Beth thought of some advice for bands currently going through that stage: don’t sweat the small stuff! “The younger bands really put a lot of pressure on themselves to do things so perfectly- I look forward to the mistakes because it’s fun to fix them in the moment.”

While her tour dates in Chicago have passed, Beth Ditto has a full tour schedule booked through the end of July. Having just performed on Seth Meyers last week and then the JBTV stage this week, Beth Ditto is definitely going places. Check out her tour schedule and buy her merchandise at www.bethditto.com.

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