Eagulls Swoop In for a Show at JBTV

The English rock band Eagulls dropped by JBTV Studios on Thursday for an exclusive, intimate performance.  Eagulls hail from Leeds, England, and is made up of five friends; Mark Goldsworthy, Henry Ruddel, Liam Matthews, Tom Kelly, and George Mitchell. The band rocked the house with six songs off their new album, Ullages, released May 13, 2016, as well as doing an amazing cover of Human League’s song Seconds.

After their electrifyEagullsing performance, the band got a chance to sit down with JBTV and give an interview, discussing Eagulls’ history, their influences, songs, and their thoughts on the music industry.

Lead singer George Mitchell and Henry Ruddel, the man on the drums, have been friends since they were small kids.  They played around a little on instruments together, but the band didn’t really form until they met Mark Goldsworthy, Liam Matthews, and Tom Kelly while attending University.  Early on, the members of Eagulls were influenced by a lot of ‘90s British post-punk.  Over the years, more and more genres have begun to influence them, ranging from soul music to dance.  Mitchell explains how all of the members have different tastes, where “one of us can be on one end of the spectrum, but another can be on the completely opposite side.”  Ruddel talked about how their song Velvet was the first melody they wrote, but last song they finished off their second album.   Mitchell said “we were scared of writing a pop song, so we kept trying to change it.   Eventually we just went with it, and we like how it turned out.”  Mitchell also explained how Bloom is the song that bridged their two albums together.  When asked about their opinions on the music industry, Mitchell right away stated he was frustrated.  Mitchell elaborated on his feelings, saying that he wished companies gave more respect for and credit to the artists;  “I wish we got more back. It’s not all about the money, it’s about the art.”  Mitchell said.  

Eagulls are currently touring throughout the United States, and will eventually jump across the pond to tour in Europe.

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