Future Generations Stop By JBTV Studio

Future Generations stopped by this week to perform their self-titled album along with their new single, “One More Problem” live on JBTV for the television premiere. The band members- Eddie Gore, Mike Sansevere, Devon Sheridan and Eric Grossman – met in the dorms of Fordham University in its built-in practice space. This space had a piano and a big enough area for artist collaboration. At their first encounter, the crew recorded a song. After this, the college students went from perfect strangers to bandmates. Once the group became established, they wanted to add a drummer. Future Generations told Jerry that they turned to Craigslist for this since they are all big fans of it. Luckily, the band found not a Craigslist killer, but instead Dylan, who helped them officially complete their crew. 

 Eddie Gore, the lead singer, explained to Jerry that the songs off the album were mostly inspired by the love and heartbreak that he endured from his ex-girlfriend. Their song, “Grace,” was not name that for religious purposes, but was actually named after Gore’s ex-girlfriend. His song about her at one point got them back together, but unfortunately for him, he reported to Jerry that they are currently no longer together. Other songs off the album focus in on self-realization and figuring out where you fit in with the world. 

 Future Generations wrote and recorded songs between their classes and study sessions. This eventually made up their first EP that caught the attention of French Kiss Records, giving them the confidence to take on the next step. Their post-grad life has been spent focused on their music. All together in Brooklyn, New York, Future Generations worked on their first full-length album, “Future Generations,” that they released in 2016. 

They performed eight of these songs at JBTV, including their most popular hit, “Stars.”  This tune was their first one to have a music video to accompany it. On their current tour, they are working on filming their second one for their newest single, “One More Problem.” Future Generations are currently finishing up their two-week tour, where they have made stops here in Chicago, Nashville, Georgia, North Carolina, and more.


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