JBTV welcomed indie rock band Grouplove, who performed their song “Chloe” from their 2011 debut album, Never Trust A Happy Song. Grouplove formed in 2009 among friends who met at an artist commune in Crete. The group features a harmonic combination of vocals from Christian Zucconi and Hannah Hooper, guitarist Andrew Wessen, bassist Sean Gadd, and drummer Ryan Rabin. While the formation of their band may have been an unlikely coincidence, they proved to have a true talent making music together. Their song “Tongue Tied” reached the 42nd spot on the Billboard Hot 100 and they have toured globally in support of their 2 studio albums, Never Trust a Happy Song (2011) and Spreading Rumours (2013).

Check out the lyrics below:

Dim the lights, dim the lights, dim the lights, low.
You can come and join me, sit around the piano.
You can light the fire, open up the window,
You can make a choice by seeing where the wind blows,
You can watch me sleeping and I can watch you dreaming,
You can change the channel and I can change the feeling.

Call my name, call my name, call my name out
You can find the key and I can find the way out
Honestly, tell me, tell me what you like
I can sit awake from midnight to daylight
You can watch me sleeping and I can watch you dreaming
You can the change the channel and I can change the feeling.

Chloe, I don’t need a reason
Well, I’m bound by the sweet condition.
Chloe, we don’t need permission,
We can go where we wanna go,
Say what we wanna say, and
Do what we wanna do.

You can find me in a web outside,
I’m waiting here to be untied,
We can fly through the sky tonight,
You can have everything,
Let me say one more time:

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