Indie rock band Grouplove formed in 2009 among friends who met at an artist commune in Crete. The group features a harmonic combination of vocals from Christian Zucconi and Hannah Hooper, guitarist Andrew Wessen, bassist Sean Gadd, and drummer Ryan Rabin. While the formation of their band may have been an unlikely coincidence, they proved to have a true talent making music together. Their song “Tongue Tied” reached the 42nd spot on the Billboard Hot 100 and they have toured globally in support of their 2 studio albums, Never Trust a Happy Song (2011) and Spreading Rumours (2013).

While at JBTV, they performed “Don’t Say Oh Well” from their debut self-titled EP. Frontman Zucconi mentions to the live audience that this is the first song that Grouplove¬†wrote together as a band.

Check out the lyrics below:

One two one two three four

Yeah I step outta my little country
I travelled seasons, took a longboat
And now I find my self in a small town
It’s so remote I couldn’t trawl

So I kissed my mommy, oh on her sweet cheeks
And I told my dad I’m real glad that we’re friends
Said to my brother I’ll surely miss him
I’m coming back just don’t know when

Waited enough to find the truth, the pain, again then say oh well
Don’t say oh well
Don’t say oh well

And I told my bandmates, they are my soulmates
And I hope we can understand
That this year has been a big one, yeah
We following what we don’t plan

So do you got that sweet devotion
Oh will you follow your heart’s plan
Oh why not jump in to that ocean
And run your fingers through your hair

Waited enough to find the truth, the pain, again then say oh well
Don’t say oh well [x4]

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