Magic Giant Drops in and Excites JBTV Crowd

Magic Giant took to the JBTV stage with authority Friday, June 24th; giving an electrifying performance that had the audience jumping right, right, right, and left, left, left.  They played smash hits off their self-titled EP, and a Nothing Left, an acoustic song they had written just days before, during the Strawberry Moon.

Hailing from Los Angeles, Magic Giant is composed of three friends Austin Bisnow, Zambricki “Z” Li, and Brian Zaghi.  In early 2012, Bisnow and Li started a music project together, they took a break until one day they received a call from the Sweetlife Music Festival.  Bisnow and Li were back on the scene and shortly after, they discovered Zaghi through a video of him salsa dancing that had gone viral.  And thus, in March 2014, Magic Giant was born.  After their performance, the band sat down for an interview, in which they shared talked about their infinite love for mangoes and coconut water.  They also talked about their songs, their unique combination of instruments, and shared a crazy fan story.  Magic Giant’s newest song, Nothing Left, was written, performed, and recorded just days before their performance here at JBTV.  The band had been at a friend’s soybean farm near Toronto, out in the fields late at night during the Strawberry Moon when they saw a lightning storm off in the distance.  The Strawberry Moon is when the full moon falls on the summer solstice, an event that happens only once every 70 years.  Bisnow, Li, and Zaghi just stood up and started performing a brand new song, “We had never been so spontaneous”, Li recalls.  Between the three of them, Bisnow, Li and Zaghi play a unique combination of instruments.  Li knows how to play the traditional cello, and Zaghi plays the stand up bass. “I wanted to be able to play, but still dance and jump and move around”, Zaghi said.

Over time, they have learned to play all the instruments. “We spend all our time around each other. We’re have been able to push each other and learn”, Li explained.  “What’s your craziest fan story?”, Jerry asked the trio; Li told the story of a female fan who reached out to them over Snapchat, asking if they would sign her arm at the concert.  They said yes, and when they signed their name on her arm, she told Magic Giant that she was going to get it tattooed over.  Magic Giant ended the interview with Zaghi, an accomplished salsa dancer, teaching Jerry Bryant how to salsa dance. It gave everyone a good laugh, and was a valuable learning experience for Jerry.

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