JBTV was pleased to welcome to the stage pop music duo, Moon King, from Toronto, Canada. Daniel Benjamin and Maddy Wilde were both members of the Toronto-based band, Spiral Beach, before embarking on their Moon King journey in 2012. Many have recognized the band from their EP’s, Obsession I and Obsession II. The group stopped in at JBTV to play songs off their first full-length album, Secret Life. Moon King’s “Secret Life,” is an airy, dream-like tune that will echo through your thoughts. Fans who appreciate dark, haunting lyrics and beats will find Moon King to be an impressive group. Moon King has traveled throughout the United States, Canada, and overseas in Europe.

Check out JBTV’s exclusive lyrics below, and sing along:

House is empty, I’m on the lawn

Make your bed and I’ll drive you home

Have your breakfast before he comes

Safe you’re in love and feel the sun


Secret brother is listening in

Out the back door when nobody’s lookin’

Catch your sleeve on the Berlin stove…

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