The Mowgli’s Feel The Love at JBTV Again

The Mowgli’s hit the JBTV stage this past week for the third time since their first visit back in 2014.  The positive energy the six-piece band radiates with their upbeat rhythm and encouraging lyrics set the tone throughout the entire studio.  I’m Good, their closing song, could be heard out of Jerry’s mouth well into the next day.  Their loyal fan base and the strong relationship between them is always proved true on show days.  One fan became overwhelmed with joy in the studio and started to cry before they even came out to play.  It is The Mowgli’s mission to bring more love and peace to the world, and they were certainly successful.

Hits such as San Francisco were cheerfully sung along to, and tracks off their latest album Where’d Your Weekend Go? were included as well.  Jerry caught up with all six members after the show to talk new music.  Most of the songs off the new album were written on the tour bus and were described as “true to us music” by the band. They were touring smaller club venues at the time and used that opportunity to test out material and see fans’ reactions.  Songs like Spacin Out, Bad Thing, and Freakin’ Me Out are sure to keep fans moving.

“It’s just my entire life, man,” Colin Dieden, vocalist and guitarist, told Jerry about the track Freakin’ Me Out. “This shit just freaks me out”, Colin said.  

The album dropped September 30th, just two days after their JBTV performance, but there is still much more to be excited about.  A music video for Bad Things has already been shot and is currently in the works of being released.  They have toured all of North America a few times over now and their next goal is to hit internationally.  Such social outlets have allowed The Mowgli’s to gain a fan-base especially in Brazil and London.

Of course the band couldn’t go without getting a word in about the upcoming election during Jerry’s favorite segment to shoot Smoking With The Stars.  What name is going on their ballot? Jerry for president! Jerry says his first order of business will be making the weekend all weekend long, Jerry added, “so then you’ll never have to ask where’d your weekend go”.

Katie Parvin, vocalist, said on her way out “Had a blast, as always”, and continued “We will see you on our fourth time around”.

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