PARTYBABY Brings California Vibes to Chicago

The JBTV studio turned into a party when PARTYBABY came through for their afternoon show. Although several members of the band had previous appearances on JBTV, most notably Portugal.The Man and 30 Seconds to Mars, this was the band’s first time appearing together. With a pumped up crowd, this Los Angeles band brought their much needed, beachy vibes to cold Chicago. The set started with Don’t Say It; a song from their older album Versions.  Jamie, the lead singer, said the song is about the pressures of society and how some people can’t fit into a box. “It’s about breaking out and loving yourself,” Jamie said.

In the middle of the set, PARTYBABY gave the JBTV audience a sneak peak of their new song “Problems”. Noah and Jamie expressed concerns that today’s artists do not write songs that inspire kids and PARTYBABY would like to do that. The song refers to the political climate of today and the guys believe that many popular artists avoid using their platform to talk about important things. Noah referred to the band’s mission as being able to Trojan horse their message in songs on the radio.

When talking about their most recent album, The Golden Age of Bullshit, PARTYBABY mentioned that they were not only influenced by Weezer, but also inspired to create the album and find their innocence.  Their first song written for it was Your Old Man which Noah, the former guitarist from Portugal. The Man, said that the song started as a joke. While Noah strummed the beginning of the song, screamed at Jamie, and created lyrics on the spot, the guys realized that they struck gold.

After recording music from their studio on Melrose above a marijuana shop, the band is excited to play Chicago and then continue with the rest of their US tour.

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