Peter DiStefano shares his Music History at JBTV

In 1992, Peter DiStefano hit rock bottom and almost didn’t live another day after a drug overdose. Once he woke up from this nightmare, he had a new outlook on life. He decided to revive himself into sobriety, but also as a new musician. He showed the audience of JBTV studio this past Wednesday his new project of “DJ Gangsta Rock,” which can be best described as improvising guitar over produced rap tracks. It overall gives him the freedom to freestyle and the ability to change his set from show to show.

DiStefano has set quite a legacy with his guitar skills and music from playing the first Lollapalooza and beyond to working with musical legends, he has really taken the music world by storm. Inspired by Vincent Van Gogh, he hopes to provide the world with many musical works that will live on past him. Because of that, DiStefano has continued to consume his life with music. The musician told Jerry that he knows being an artist is what he is meant to do, so he will continue to do so as long as he can.

His passion lies with playing guitar, but he isn’t afraid to change things up. He shared with Jerry that he likes to keep with the times. DiStefano looks to the streets of Chicago and its clubs to see what is happening in the music world. When he discovered the world of DJ mashups and EDM, he knew that is the direction he wanted his music to go.  Music is going toward the direction of man and machine, so he is fully embracing it.

To further do this, DiStefano explained to Jerry that he has teamed up with Gibson Guitar to help him create the perfect instrument for a guitarist. He has created a model that is super light and more accessible to play up and down the guitar’s neck. This is now his guitar of choice and “a gift from God for him.”

Jerry has had him in the studio before today to chat with him about his other musical endeavor, an alternative rock group, Porno for Pyros, Jane’s Addiction offshoot. In this group, he released two studio albums and traveled all over the world. He even tattooed himself with the band logo to keep that group in memory forever. His band logo is only one of many tattoos he has. To commemorate his new life and musical experiences, him and 17 members of his tattoo club have tatted three hearts in a vertical pattern on their bodies. One heart is red for love. The other one is blue for pain. The last one is black for war. This tattoo helps him and his crew represent that their life is not all successes that there is also hard times people face.

In addition to Porno for Pyros, he has even more musical projects including Lance Herbstrong, an organic music experience, and Hellride, a rock band with Peter Murphy. He also has even taken his music to a different medium and has created songs for films like “The Martian” and “Shrek.”

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