Potty Mouth Drops in and Discusses Songs, Salads, and Style

This all girl band from Massachusetts stopped by the studio to give an electrifying Pre-Lolla 2016 performance. Potty Mouth is made up of Abby Weems on vocals and lead guitar, bassist Ally Einbinder and drummer Victoria Mandanas. After their incredible performance, they sat down for an interview where they discussed how they got together, their songs, the risks of seaweed salads, and hair styles.

“I wanted to play in an all girl band”, said Einbinder about her motivation to create Potty Mouth, who continued, “I met Mandanas in college, and she was on board.  We found Weems a little bit later, and it all fit together”. Created in 2011, they released their first full length album Hell Bent in 2013.  They started touring with other bands, and the rest is history.

One of the first songs Potty Mouth wrote together was Dog Song.  Weems’ dog was the inspiration for the song, who said, “It made me sad thinking about how lonely he was all day when no one was home”.  Black and Studs is another favorite of theirs, “It’s mainly about the fake punks we met at college. This is the story of what happens when someone decides to brand themselves as something they might not be” says Einbinder.

Potty Mouth had a fun driving story to tell; Einbinder once received a ticket for driving while eating a seaweed salad, “I was hungry!”, she said, trying to justify the ticket.  Mandanas laughs and says “Of course she was going to get pulled over.  She was driving with her elbows”.

The bottom half of Einbinder’s hair is green, something that interested Jerry.  When asked, Einbinder said her hair had been “pink, blueish, teal, green… just a lot.  I’m thinking about neon yellow next”.  Weems has also had some interesting colors, including pink, orange, green on the ends, and “I even dyed my eyebrows.  They were pink at one point, and turquoise at another time.  Not sure if those were the best decisions”.

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