Saved By the Bell Pop-Up Diner Takes Eating Experience to the Max!

Saved by the Max signIn the heart of Wicker Park, fans form a line extending half a block; they all eagerly await the chance to dine at Saved By The Max.  Saved By The Max is an intimate pop-up restaurant inspired by the 90’s sitcom Saved By The Bell.  Some JBTV staff members were lucky enough to stop by Saved By The Max during its opening, grabbing some tasty grub in this totally 80’s looking diner.

Entering the restaurant, guests are immediately taken back to Bayside High.  Between the lockers, the prom posters, and the hostess dressed in a leather jacket, everything in the diner beckons back to the show.  Ownership and the chefs even crafted each menu item around a Saved By The Bell character.

JBTV crew members were delighted to try half of the entire menu.  From the A.C. Sliders to the Kelly Kapowski, Saved By The Max serves up some incredible food, even offering several vegetarian options.  Don’t forget to save room for dessert!  With several sweet treats to choose from, deciding on a desert is harder than expected.  Milkshakes are always a classic diner drink, but if guests are feeling a little adventurous, Max’s Snack Attack features fresh strawberries and strawberry feuilletine atop Twinkie ice cream.

If the food and décor are not enough to transport you to the world where Zack and Kelly fell in love, then the music certainly will.  The diner fills with songs that the Saved By the Bell gang would jam to, even blasting the show’s theme song every few tracks.  Interested in experiencing Saved By The Max?  Dinner reservations are full for the duration of the pop-up’s existence, but the restaurant takes walk-in customers for brunch and stays open for Bayside After Dark.  After dinner hours, the restaurant transforms, offering karaoke, costume contests, and a Zack Attack cover band.  So head over to The Max, and let JBTV know what you think!  Want the best waiter around?  Ask for Jeff.

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