Secret Weapons Give Lolla After-show at JBTV

Secret Weapons made one last stop on their tour around the U.S. at JBTV studios.  They were still so full of energy and excitement despite playing at Lollapalooza 2016 the night before.  After their performance, we had a chance to sit down and talk to the two leading men of Secret Weapon about their interesting start, a couple of their songs, and the music industry.

This band out of Brooklyn, NY is made up of Danny Rocco on guitar, and Gerry Lange on lead vocals.  Rocco and Lange met in High School and played in a lot of bands together until two years ago, when they decided to go off and create Secret Weapons.  They used shows to test out their songs and had to keep “reinventing ourselves until the clothes fit”, as Lange put it.  Secret Weapons really blew up when an error was made while uploading songs to Spotify.  They wound up released under a different band and although Rocco fixed the error, it had already been reviewed. “Probably the best mistake we’ve ever made”, jokes Lange.

Something New was Secret Weapons’ first song released, back in October of 2015.  It’s a very accessible song, “an anthem of change”, says Rocco.  They explain that this song is about the frustration of liking your night job more than your day job, but that you have to do your day job; no matter how much you dislike it.  Gerry comments that his favorite song to perform is Power.  It sets the mood for a live show, which is why Secret Weapons opens with it every time.  It only took a few hours to write Gerry said, “we wrote it a year and a half ago and didn’t release it until three weeks ago. We wanted to make sure it would be liked and wouldn’t break us”.

Secret Weapons also talked about their thoughts and feelings about the music industry.  Rocco explains that those at the corporate level don’t understand that the musicians are people too, and that their music is their livelihood. Those at the corporate level “think that we’re just things you can rent for a party. We’re not”, Rocco said.  Lange talks about how once one band makes it big, “all the other record labels have to get one of those.  They need to find a band with the same sound, not something unique”.

Now that their tour is complete, Secret Weapons will be spending the rest of August and September finishing their album. 

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