Taylor Bennett Plays JBTV

Taylor Bennett drew in a huge crowd as he got on the JBTV Stage and put on a fantastic show.  Born and raised in Chicago’s South Side, Bennett said he was was ecstatic to be performing at “a staple venue for up and coming musicians from Chicago”. Bennett sure gave us an incredible show, performing a whopping 12 songs and bringing along two guest performers, Supa Bwe and Brandon Fox. Bennett ended his performance with a touching a capella rendition of Straight From the Bottom.

After his show, Bennett had a chance to sit down with Jerry and ShowYouSuck for an exclusive interview.  He talked about how he got into music, the meaning behind some of his is songs, Chicago, and how important family is to him.  Bennett cited Twista as the rapper who inspired him to become a musician.  Bennett wanted to speak to people and empower them, just like Twista did for him as a young child.  Twista came from Chicago as well, making him relatable to Bennett. The “quality and love that Twista pours into his songs” touched Bennett, who even sang a little bit of Twista’s hit Hope.

Demon Slayer is one of Bennett’s first songs.  He sings about what it’s like to be from the South Side of Chicago, and how he needed to get to “that next level”.  The door was locked, and this song was me talking to the door, “You are locked right now, but I’ll get through you”.  Bennett is proud of Chicago and even compared it to the Renaissance, “Chicago is a great place to be.  I’d rather be nowhere else”.  Many influential rappers came from this great city, and Bennett said he, “had to get Chicago in my corner before I could make it elsewhere.  Chicago gave me my chance.”

Bennett talked about how important his family is to him.  His brother, Chance the Rapper, has given him priceless evidence throughout the years, which is “worth more than any money in the world” Bennett said.  His family was always supportive, even saying that his dad would be “The Hand of the King if this were Game of Thrones”.  Bennett invites his family to all of his shows and JBTV was no different.  He wants them to know that anything is possible, that you can come up straight from the bottom, “That’s what being a Bennett is; doing it yourself” Taylor said.  

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