The Mowgli’s came to JBTV Studios and brought their sunshiny indie pop with them! The Californian seven-piece was formed by a group of high school friends, with a few other members added along the way. They released their major-label debut album, Waiting For The Dawn, in 2013, which featured the hit single, “San Francisco.” To The Mowgli’s, playing music isn’t just a career. Their mission as a band is to spread happiness and love and to encourage their fans to perform “acts of kindness.” The band also supports many charities with the intentions of making the world a better place. Although the band is quite large, strong stage chemistry between the members is very apparent, and their incredible stage presence shows how much they enjoy performing.

The Mowgli’s performed their recent single, “Summertime,” for the energetic crowd at JBTV.

Check out the lyrics below:

It’s getting heavy
I’m going crazy
A little bit of rock and roll
Eyes closed to the radio
And when you touch me
It’s almost like you love me
I kinda think that you might know
The way I’m feeling

Oh, I can’t get you off of my mind
And I think that it’s alright
Cause looking back
I’m falling in love with you every single night
You know that feeling, right
Where everything is fine, just fine
I keep falling in love with you in the summertime
I keep falling in love with you in the summertime
I keep falling in love with you in the summer

You’re looking brand new
Hands out the sun roof
And I just can’t deny it
Don’t act like you don’t like it
The mess you make me
Don’t recognize who I’ve been lately
You’ve got me flying
Straight through the roof

I guess I’m facing the truth that you finally won
You got that look in your eyes like a loaded gun
In a place, in a time that I never was
It’s all because I’m coming undone.

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