Third Times a Charm for The Joy Formidable at JBTV

The Joy Formidable is back on tour and rocking out harder than ever.  They kicked off the first week of their tour promoting their newest album Hitch here on our JBTV stage and gave our audience an unforgettable performance.  The band noted that JBTV holds a special place in their heart and joked they have exclusive rights to Jerry when announcing JBTV was their only scheduled TV performance of this tour.  They continued saying Jerry has been on tour with them around the world for quite some time now because their JBTV sticker has not moved from the bumper of their Mustang for years.  Also following the band everywhere on tour is their adorable dachshund, Tony, who took a liking to Jerry.

The band is really psyched to be playing live again.  They spent an entire year working on this album and even built their own studio in North Wales, “We could record entirely in the nude,” drummer Matt Thomas teased.  It was very important to them to create a body of work that made sense and not just a slew of random singles, which is why it felt right to them to spend so much time on it. They had a lot of material to go through and feel very confident in the final product.

JBTV’s Greg Corner stressed The Joy Formidable as one of his favorite bands of all time because of their chemistry and ability to work off of one another.  Their interaction with the audience is unlike anything else.  The show, in fact, closed out with Rhydian Dafydd handing off his guitar to an audience member and letting him play.  That is definitely a moment that superfan will never forget.

In reflecting on how the music scene has changed over their careers, Dafydd said he is “sick of things revolving around fashion. Music should have diversity”.  Diversity is something The Joy Formidable certainly does not lack.  They are able to turn anything into a song. Thomas broke out in song about his recent trip to the dentist, to which Greg Corner said, “these guys should have their own comedy hour”.

If you missed their killer performance in Chicago, The Joy Formidable is back this summer for Lollapalooza!

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