JBTV welcomed California band Trapdoor Social for an exclusive live performance where they played their song “Old Wings.” The band’s founding members Merritt Graves and Skylar Funk met at Pomona College while in an environmental studies program and began to make music together. Their first EP, Death of a Friend, was released in 2012, and multiple singles from it received alternative radio airplay. Trapdoor Social is very involved in humanitarian efforts, and has used their music to organize successful fundraisers for causes such as alternative energy and school music programs. Between an instrumental piece and the beginning of the song, vocalist Skylar Funk tells the intimate crowd the story behind the song and the importance of following your dreams.

Check out the lyrics to “Old Wings” below:

Up above where birds fly
high across the mountain tops
I spy
pioneers like little dots
Save me, get away before I go crazy
Break through
Seattle grey I’m over it
Safe to
say I’m not the only one
All that I can carry is all you ever gave me

And I peel up
life’s a little turbulent
It’s real love
but fighting it is permanent
We’ve gone in all directions but with you I’m with a friend
When I feel the
stars are nice and close to me
I sail across
atmosphere like open sea
Chasing a sunset from Michigan home again

You’re my old wings
You save me from drowning

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