Trapdoor Social performed their song, “Science of Love,” during a special live performance at JBTV Studios! The band’s founding members Merritt Graves and Skylar Funk met at Pomona College while in an environmental studies program and began to make music together. Their first EP, Death of a Friend, was released in 2012, and multiple singles from it received alternative radio airplay. Trapdoor Social is very involved in humanitarian efforts, and has used their music to organize successful fundraisers for causes such as alternative energy and school music programs.

Check out the lyrics to “Science Of Love” below:

I, I see you pass your days
In outer space
The distance saves you
From what your mind wouldn’t do
Not to be confused
Would it cut you loose

The world expands
‘Cause it’s filling up with all your big plans
You wanna show them that you were right
You wanna soak up her love like starlight shines
But you really don’t know
If you’re seeing something real or it’s bouncing off the snow
Until it’s melted in your hands

[Verse 2]
All, all the things you invent
Just to have a single friend
You call it heaven sent
And to lasso all the stars
Down slipstream boulevards
You think they’ll take you far


It’s done, the blueprint of her love
You drew it when she wouldn’t stay
Mixed up in oxygen and blood
It’s matter enough to weigh


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