What The Soft Moon Thinks Is Missing From Today’s Rock ‘N’ Roll

In the JBTV studio Sunday, Luis Vasquez of The Soft Moon revealed to Jerry what he thinks is missing from today’s rock and roll scene. “I’d like to see more attitude, more honesty… I like real life topics” shared Vasquez. “I like things that feel real or that make you feel alive, and I feel like a lot of today’s music is the opposite. It’s escapism; it’s about going out on Friday or Saturday night, and I like being confident with yourself and showing who you are and not being scared to do that. And that’s what’s missing now.”

The Soft Moon, the creation of Luis Vasquez, has a sound reminiscent of a modern Joy Division or Bauhaus; taking command of the stage with pounding, rhythmic drums and dark post-punk vibes. The Soft Moon first began to take shape in 2009, with Vasquez releasing his first Soft Moon singles in 2010. He soon followed these releases with a self-titled album. To date, The Soft Moon has release four studio albums. This past February, The Soft Moon released Criminal, which received positive reviews from critics who praised Vasquez for being more personal and revealing of himself through his lyrics.

During his visit at JBTV, Vasquez talked a lot about how his music is an extension of himself. “I couldn’t really express myself with my family, we’re not very expressive emotionally.” But Vasquez found that he could use music as a way to put himself out in the open. With his latest album, he decided to take things to another level by being brutally honest. “In my day to day life I hide who I really am. When I write music, I show exactly who I am, and that’s the whole point.” During the JBTV interview, Vasquez revealed that he has no idea what became of his father, who disappeared from his life long ago. But Vasquez doesn’t hold any hard feelings– “He hasn’t been in my life for a long time, but I guess I’d like to meet him. Maybe we could grab a beer.”

The Soft Moon is currently touring across the USA through the end of April– find tour dates and ticket information here.

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