Cage The Elephant Strip it down for New Album

What’s better than a Greatest Hits Album? JBTV alumni Cage The Elephant must’ve asked themselves. Thankfully, for their fans they had the answer; an edgy live recording of their greatest hits including covers of some of their favorite songs.

All the hits are there Spiderhead, Shake Me Down, Trouble, and Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked. These are stripped down versions of their songs that lead to some highlights on the album. One of which is Sweetie Little Jean, from 2015’s Tell Me I’m Pretty; which becomes much more lively in this incarnation. Some songs however do remain in their original vain like Trouble and Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked, the audience interaction does help shake things up regardless.

Although this is a band with a tremendous back catalog, the covers on this album almost steal the show. One of the singles Whole Wide World a cover of a 1970’s song by Wreckless Eric, is a much more pop infused re-imagining perfect for Summer. Most indie music fans will also be impressed with Cage’s take on Instant Crush, yes a Daft Punk cover. The song is a very competent take on the 2013 track, and showcases the band’s musical talents.

This is not Cage The Elephant’s first go at a live album, going back to 2012 Live from the Vic in Chicago was the Band’s first attempt at a live album. This was another record that included covers like Psycho Killer of Talking Heads fame.   A smaller follow-up EP was released in 2014 that included five well-known Cage The Elephant songs.

For any Cage The Elephant fan, this is a must own. Seemingly there are no missing tracks on the album; furthermore there are some re-imaginings to their songs that change them for the better including Sweetie Little Jean. Look forward to some of these raw takes on their hits when Cage The Elephant hits the Lollapalooza stage, this Thursday.    

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