House of Vans Party with Iceage, Black Lips, Torture Love and Mary Lattimore



Photo Credit: Garrett Duncan

The House of Vans House Party concert series premiered their first summer series through an event curated by post-punk band Iceage (with opening from JBTV alum Black Lips, as well artists Torture Love and Mary Lattimore) on Thursday night to a packed house. The event was free admission and treated the audience to free gear, such as tote bags and shirts, as well as drinks.

We unfortunately couldn’t catch opening acts Torture Love and Mary Lattimore, but we were there for JBTV alum Black Lips, who elicited wild responses from the crowd all throughout their set. The Atlanta band gave an adrenalized performance, diversifying their set with some of their most popular songs as well as older material from previous albums. The band intended to introduce a new, slow song, but changed their mind after  witnessing the energetic vibe from the audience, focusing then on their most vibrant songs. Black Lips ended their set proving why they’ve grown to become a staple of the lo-fi garage rock scene, leaving the audience desperate for more.

Iceage followed up their performance, driving the crowd into frenzy as soon as they got on stage. They played songs from their 2018 album Beyondless, which was released through independent record label Matador Records in May. The band kept the crowd excited, as vocalist Elias Bender Rønnenfelt engaged with the audience through high – energy level dancing. As the band performed, the crowd passionately screamed the lyrics to the songs while also dancing around, as well as creating mosh pits. The band is from Copenhagen, Denmark and consists of lead vocalist and guitarist Elias Bender Rønnenfelt, guitarist Johan Surrballe Wieth, bassist Jakob Tvilling Pless, and drummer Dan Kjær Nielsen.

Iceage ended their set to a still – eager audience who didn’t seem to want the band to go. Post – show, as the crowd moved to the exits, they were treated to more House of Vans swag and posters, leaving the patrons with satisfied smiles on their faces as they left the venue.

The party doesn’t have to stop there. For more free shows all summer long, follow House of Vans House Party summer concert series here, with future shows being curated by The Dead Milkmen, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, and Wolf Parade.

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