House of Vans Party with Princess Nokia, JPEGMAFIA and Glitter Moneyyy

Photo Credit: Garrett Duncan

The House of Vans House Party summer concert series kept the friday night party going, this time with an event curated by Princess Nokia, featuring JPEGMAFIA and Glitter Moneyyy. The event came bearing gifts, including free admission, free drinks and and a packed house.

Gender plural rap duo Queen TrAshley and TayyySlayyy of Glitter Moneyyy opened the show, performing notable tracks like “SCD,’ which was released last year.

JPEGMAFIA powered the stage performing explosive rap fusion tracks which took the show to a whole new level. The energy was high as the crowd broke into mosh pits and crowd surfed through his set. JPEGMAFIA roared, continuing with a declaration of his disdain of Morrissey, performing the title track dedicated to his hatred of the artist, which debuted this past year in his album entitled “Veteran.” 

Destiny Frasqueri, better known as Princess Nokia arrived proving  she was destined to be the princess of the stage. After a poem took the speakers, the audience shifted from rabid energy, to one of silent respect. Nokia then took the stage, opening with a her smash hit “BRUJAS,” which once again broke the crowd into frenzy.  Nokia then stopped the show to address the crowd with a declaration that the front row is a safe space for “P.O.Cs” or “people of color,” along with women, and anyone from the LGBTQ community, and that the crowd respectfully must allow them to migrate.

Her performance further cemented her continued reputation as a powerful and talented performer, as well as a cultural heroine. Post show, Nokia greeted her fans, graciously allowing the crowd to take pictures and ask her questions until all attendees were required to leave.

The party doesn’t have to stop there. For more free shows all summer long follow House of Vans House Party summer concert series here, with future shows being curated by Iceage, The Dead Milkmen, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, and Wolf Parade. 

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