InHeaven – DIY Music Videos Led to Their First American Tour


InHeaven made their very first television debut at JBTV Studios on Sunday, as well as their debut in America. The British four-piece began working together to create DIY music videos, and started posting them online. “Regeneration” became the first song and music video they created together.

Formed by James Taylor and Chloe Little, who met at the Lexington venue in South London, the two quickly formed a band along with Joe Lazarus and Jake Lucas. Chloe thought of a series of images and James worked with her on the music video, adding up to about 3000 images included in the video alone. Chloe continued to work on all the videos and the team worked together on the artwork. They described the band as a “creative art house,” where they all have an outlet to express themselves.


Their work caught the attention of Julian Casablancas, Cult Records founder and frontman of The Strokes. “They sent us an email saying they wanted to put it out in America, so they released our very first single,” said James. “From that point onward, we’ve been touring ever since.” InHeaven recorded their debut self-titled album in Rockfield studios along with producer Tom Delgaty, adding them to the Rockfield artist roster list alongside Queen, Black Sabbath and Coldplay.

Beyond JBTV, InHeaven opened up about a variety of firsts they have experienced in America thus far, as well as what they looked forward to visiting. “One of our favorite bands is from Chicago, Smashing Pumpkins,” they stated, who filmed with JBTV in 1993. They visited Kurt Cobain’s home in Seattle, citing their love for the music scene there, and are aiming to play local venue The Crocodile. Among their excursions was visiting Albuquerque and exploring food in San Diego, from authentic mexican food, to In-N-Out Burger. Excited about their exploration of Chicago, they hope to visit the Chelsea Hotel, play in New York, and more. They discussed the variety of culture in America as well as the size. “You can get to Newcastle in about three hours, and that’s the whole country. I’ve driven about 1,000 miles and it’s my first time here.”

With a powerful 90s alt-rock sound, InHeaven cited how American culture has influenced their music, listing Sonic Youth, Nirvana, and the Vaselines, and stated that their name is inspired by David Lynch’s Film Eraserhead. They also noted their love for John Hughes films like Pretty in Pink and The Breakfast Club, which inspired their song “Stupid Things.” “It’s kind of the coming of age type feeling that we love.” They also noted a great influence from the 1960’s counterculture movement.

After their show at JBTV, InHeaven played a sold out show in Lincoln Hall alongside Pale Waves. You can find out more information about upcoming tours and more here.

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