Martin Johnson Brings his new sound to JBTV

After his run with Boys Like Girls and a hiatus from music, singer-songwriter Martin Johnson decided to put his skinny jeans back on and make The Night Game three years ago. This new project of his made its TV debut this past Sunday at JBTV studios.

In the late afternoon, they took the stage to sing a six-song set. It started with “American Nights,” a song of his that is about celebrating life. Most of the songs they sang helped Johnson cope with his depression and get him back in the music world. He took some time not listening to the popular hits to make his music more authentic and unique, which he shared with Jerry.

The Night Game also treated us to their song, “Do You Think About Us?” Johnson explains to Jerry, “It’s funny because it’s more about do you think about me when you’re with him. And, I’m just curious. I don’t want you back. I just want to know.” Another tune, they performed for us is “Bad Girls Don’t Cry.” Jerry questioned, “Which bad girls don’t cry?” Johnson responds laughing, “It’s about a stripper, and that’s all that needs to be said.”

Toward the end of the set list, the crew sang their first single, “The Outfield.” They even have a music video for it. It was shot in New York, and in the video, you can follow them through the city.

Martin Johnson has hopes for this new project and his new crew. They are expected to tour, release more songs and make new music videos.

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