MEW Makes Rockin’ Return to JBTV
JBTV studios this past Saturday was rockin’ as MEW stopped by to play an electrifying seven song set. MEW was not a new visitor to our studios they were here once before two years ago on their last tour.
This time around was no different they brought an energetic crowd ready to dance, jam out and have a great time.  The band stopped by to share with us tunes from their latest album, “Visuals”.  Out of their seven song set list, they sang five songs off this album. They started the set with “In a Better Place”.  Lead singer Jonas Bjerre told Jerry that this song, “started with this weird kind of strange beat that Silas made on the drums, and then it just became triumphant, synthy and futuristic…  It’s just a big epic track.”  The other new songs they performed include, “85 Videos,” “Wake of Your Life,” “Twist Quest” and “Carry Me to Safety”.
This is their seventh studio album they have released in the 22 years of them being a group. The album cover features Bjerre’s face edited with bright, vibrant colors and visuals.  He told Jerry, “it looks like an ‘80s horror film.”  The album artwork is something the band did on their own along with producing the whole album.  Bjerre said, “We usually take forever to make an album, but we managed to take one year. That’s a record for us.”
After their stop at JBTV, they will continue to share this new album with the world on their 7 week tour.   Some fans even flew from places as far as Boston to check the MEW’s set at our studio and Park West later in the night.

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