The National Parks Perform at JBTV

This past Monday, five members took the stage to play an eight song set at JBTV studios. Their harmonies, melodic sound and good vibes filled the studio, creating a great happy-go-lucky energy amongst the crowd.

The band formed in 2013 and consists of members, Brady Parks (guitar and lead vocals), Sydney Macfarlane (keyboard and vocals), John Hancock (electric guitar and vocals), Cam Brannelly (drums) and Megan Taylor Parks (fiddle). They all met in Utah at either school or just from being a part of the music scene. And yes, they are from Utah and are all Mormon. Parks told Jerry that they are Mormon, but still, live a pretty normal lifestyle despite popular belief.

The band released their debut album, “Young,” in 2013, and then their second album, “Until I Live” in 2016. The songs from these albums reflect on their life experiences in different places along with relationships they have. Their favorite to perform from these first two albums, they explained to Jerry is “Wind and Anchor.” They love the foot stomps and audience participation that comes with it.

The National Parks told Jerry they have been working on their newest album and will hopefully release it in September. They have already put out their lead single, “Places,” from it, which shares insight of how their experiences traveling has impacted them similar to songs from their earlier albums.

However, the band shared with Jerry that their sound is making a transition with this new album. You won’t hear the folk sound that you are used to. You will start to hear their sound transform to more upbeat, indie pop.

Other than a new album, you can look forward to them touring to a city near you. The National Parks are currently on a two-week tour. Chicago was only their second stop, where you could have caught them at Schubas or their favorite local joint, Good Stuff Eatery. Post-Chicago, the band is making their way around to places like Pennsylvania, Wyoming and more.

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