PALE WAVES – Writing Songs About Love, Rejection and Imagining Covering Sk8er Boi

While at the JBTV studio Sunday, Heather Baron-Gracie and Ciara Duran of Pale Waves opened up about their introductions to the music scene, citing Avril Lavigne and Kate Nash among their first concert experiences. “Maybe a cover Sk8er of Boi in the future,” added Greg Corner. “There is a theory that she has died or something and I’m her,” revealed Heather. “A reincarnation from Manchester!” 

Initially named Creek from 2014-2016, Pale Waves was formed by Gracie and Duran when they attended BIMM Institute in Manchester. With a heavy influence from 80s artists such as The Cure, their sound has been described as indie, synth, dreamy, and goth-pop. Their music certainly invoked a power audience response that would develop into a loyal fanbase, for the JBTV audience and beyond. After attending a sold out show at Lincoln Hall alongside InHeaven the night before, Pale Waves fans camped outside JBTV studios four hours prior to the taping.

“Those are what you call super fans,” mentioned Jerry. There is no denying that their following will continue to grow. During their visit at JBTV, Gracie and Duran revealed more about the themes behind their singles, particularly “Television Romance” and “My Obsession.”

“Is this about a real romance that happened through television?” asked Jerry.  “If you listen to the song it’s not a romantic song at all. It is just about me rejecting somebody,” Heather replied. When talking about “My Obsession,” Heather and Ciara noted how its focal point is love. “The main one is witnessing how love is the strongest feeling ever. It is because the world revolves around love, doesn’t it?”  

Pale Waves will continue touring across the USA until the end of April – find tour dates and ticket information here.

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