San E and Mad Clown Want to Play a Show in North Korea

“So with everything now with North Korea, is that going to be a good thing? Would you do a tour in North Korea?” asked Jerry after San E, Mad Clown and Sobae completed the performance of their first television debut on JBTV, Monday afternoon.

“That is a difficult question,” responded San E, “Oh yeah why not! I think it is going in a good way! Everybody loves, nobody wants war.”

San E (Jung San) and Mad Clown (Jo Dong-rim) are among the roster of mainstream Korean artists whose music exploded in the mid 2000’s, giving them both their first number one records in 2013. With their collaboration on the track “Sour Grapes” in 2015 and their recent collaboration “Butterfly,” along with Sobae, they embarked on a major U.S. Tour in 19 cities, making them the longest touring Korean artists as well as rap artists. OC Weekly named them them “Kings of Korean Hip Hop.” 

This was also their first time on JBTV, making San E, Mad Clown and Sobae Jerry’s first Korean Hip Hop interview.  “The mood in the crowd was so great and the vibe was so nice, and this whole place is just amazing,” said Mad Clown reflecting on the audience they met in Chicago, JBTV and the US.

San E x Mad Clown played to a packed house on the last leg of their We Want You 2018 Tour at Park West before the JBTV show. Find more information about upcoming tours and more HERE.

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