Shannon Wise of the Shacks was a CBGB Baby

“Have you guys ever gone to CBGBs, or any of those music clubs?” asked Jerry. I went there in person when I was little, but there is also a crazy picture of my mom, playing there with me in her stomach,” said Shannon. “She has even played at the Empty Bottle, where we were at, with a band called 22 Brides, it was like a 90’s thing.”

“So there you were, in there, saying ‘I can’t wait to get out of here and get on this stage!” continued Jerry, “You grew up in a musical family, which is so important.” 

Guitarist Max Shrager and singer-bassist-drummer Shannon Wise met in high school in New York City on a Jazz field trip. They formed the Shacks along with drummer Ben Borchers and keyboardist Evan Heinze. Together they debuted their LP, Haze, a dreamy reminiscion of old-school rock n’ roll and blues. In this time, Shrager also debuted a solo EP entitled “Thoughts of You,” which he calls “the best of everything I’ve done as a solo artist up to this point.” 

The Shacks rocked the JBTV stage with their charming hit “Follow Me”. This song is as dreamy as Mazzy Star’s “Fade into You”, but Shannon’s Wise’ unique voice combined with a new-age cosmic sound, makes all the songs in Haze a blissful daze, destined to become summer-love hits.

“I could never compare artists, because you see something personal in everything out there,” mentioned Jerry. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It’s in the ear of the listener,” continued Max.

The Shacks played Empty Bottle prior to the JBTV show and will continue their tour throughout the season. Find more information about upcoming tours and more here.

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