Sleep On It Reveals How They Named The Band

In the JBTV studio with Jerry Saturday, the members of Sleep On It revealed how they came up with their band name. “I wanted to name the band Overcast for a really long time, but it sounded a little too emo,” said Jake. “So I was brainstorming, just writing down phrases that I knew weren’t bands already. I literally wrote down ‘sleep on it’ as a note to myself under all the band names, and then I looked at it the next day and I realized– that’s the name.”

Sleep On It is a band with roots right here in Chicago that is quickly growing in popularity. The group first started playing together in “a dirty basement in Logan Square,” where they still practice today. The band first started coming together after a chance meeting at Riot Fest in 2012- they realized they had all the same favorite bands, and four months later Sleep On It was beginning to take shape. In 2016 the band released their EP Lost Along The Way, and followed with their debut album Overexposed in 2017. Sleep On It is now touring, following the success of Overexposed.

After an energy-filled performance for a full house of adoring fans, Sleep On It stepped into the JBTV studio to share with Jerry what it’s like being on tour and how much their fans mean to them. “Touring is a bonding experience- we sleep in Walmart parking lots a lot.” The guys drive themselves and their equipment from show to show, which requires a lot more work on the part of each band member than most people realize. When touring, Sleep On It is always revered by other bands because of their Chicago roots. “When we play other places, Chicago is kinda notorious. Other bands are really jealous– people know how great the Chicago scene is everywhere. It’s a special thing.”

Despite all the hard work and dedication it takes to go on tour, all the members of Sleep On It agree that their fans make all the effort worth it. “There have been a lot of times on tour when really one of the only things keeping me going was seeing fans coming to a bunch of our shows, seeing tattoos with our lyrics, all that stuff.” Sleep On It’s fans have travelled hours, sometimes even from as far away as the Philippines, just to see their favorite band perform. “Those are the fans that keep this band going” shared Zech.

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