The Black Lips – Turning Country and Playing The Superbowl?

While talking with Jerry after a rocking performance on the JBTV stage, The Black Lips claimed that their next album is going to be of the country genre. “We’re going country- we figure we’ve been a band for 20 years and been punk, but you can’t age that well with punk. But you can be in your nineties and still be country!” The band even plans to play the Super Bowl halftime show someday– “Someone in Nashville told me the other day that we could not play the Super Bowl. I think we can; we’re going straight there.” We’ll be eagerly looking forward to that show!

Since the band’s formation in 1999, The Black Lips have grown to become a staple of the lo-fi garage rock scene. The band is characterized by their wild onstage antics and their fuzzy sound, which has spanned throughout their nine studio albums- most recently releasing “Satan’s Graffiti or God’s Art?” in 2017. The group has been extremely successful in their many years of making music, but they have no plans to slow down any time soon. “We’re winning a Grammy– at least one, probably two… actually, maybe even four.”

During their interview with Jerry, the Black Lips shared some of the wild adventures they’ve experienced while touring, like the time band member Cole Alexander was left behind in Portugal after losing his passport. “It sucked– it was a holiday so the embassy wasn’t open, so we had to do a three-piece tour while (Cole) watched HBO at the hotel in Portugal.” The Black Lips have been to every continent except for Antarctica, where they planned to be the first to perform on the continent before Metallica beat them to it. The band even claimed that the final song of their JBTV performance, titled Georgia, was taken from “a dope sick hobo” that they overheard singing the song on a sidewalk.

The Black Lips have clearly amassed lots of great stories during their travels as a band, and we’re glad that they’ve finally added JBTV to their long list of adventures. The group is currently touring with The Black Angels– find their scheduled shows here.

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